Learning from the Edge: Redefining the Classroom

This course is designed to give students a broad theoretical, as well as practical, background in teaching and learning experientially. Concepts presented, experienced, and discussed in this course include the basic premises of experiential learning according to a wide variety of educators and philosophers. Students will gain a strong background of the foundational thinking that underlies current experiential education, while introducing students to the array of thinking about education and the extent to which experience plays in learning.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Teaching and Learning Across the Americas in the Digital-Age +1

This FYS seminar will explore what it means to be a “digital-age learner” throughout the Americas. We will explore how teaching and learning practices are impacted by the inclusion or exclusion of technological tools, and how critical twenty-first century skills are being developed in some of the Americas’ most undeveloped regions. We will read about the changing nature of the “iGeneration” and what that means for teaching and learning. In addition, students will explore the issues of introducing Western, digital solutions into varying cultural contexts.

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