25 April

Experiential Learning Resources

Experiential Learning Resources

We want to express our sincere appreciation for welcoming us to IFSC! We had an amazing experience working with all of you and sharing ideas about how to engage each other and our students in collaborative and innovative learning environments. Seeing your passion for your work and experiencing your excitement in solving problems was very inspiring […]

24 April

Flipped Classroom Resources

Flipped Classroom Resources

I wanted to pass along a list of “starter” resources based on our flipped conversation yesterday – as requested by the doctoral students at UDESC and other blog readers. This is by no means a complete list of anything, just a place to start in each of the broad categories. Each educator’s needs will be specific depending on […]

15 March

Future Research and Application (Pt. 5 of 5)

One must be acutely aware that this is only the beginning.  As these technologies mature it will be critical to 1) continue the exploration of meaningful strategies for using tablets with pre-service teachers both in the field and within the college classroom to model best practices, 2) enhance professional development experiences for veteran teacher to […]

15 March

Data Collection, Observation, and Reflection (Pt. 4 of 5)

Field and clinical experience data collection and observation serve as one means for which the use of iPads has enhanced and altered the dynamics of the supervision experience. The documentation of pre-service teaching performance data has become more sophisticated, and the analysis of these data sets is expected more quickly. The nexus of sophistication and […]

13 March

Modeling Tablet-Specific Methodologies (Pt. 3 of 5)

Though not new in educational circles, tablets can serve a critical function in changing the way newly prepared teachers think about teaching, learning and designing learning environments and opportunities.  Laptops and netbooks, though small and portable, introduced challenges related to cost, operating systems, durability, and accessibility. There is a very real need to find a […]

11 March

Tools to Move Us Forward

To fully understand the 21st Century context of computing in PK-12 and teacher education learning environments, teacher candidates need exposure, training, and practical application of methodologies with the hope that candidates will in turn provide progressive, authentic socially mediated experiences that allow their students to understand content in meaningful ways.  In today’s digital native culture, […]

9 March

The Need to Integrate (Pt. 2 of 5)

Teacher education professors and teacher candidates are having the same struggles as PK-12 educators when attempting to implement computing options into teaching and learning.  These challenges carry even greater pressure when one considers the importance of implementing 21st Century skills across the teaching and learning spectrum.  We have previously discovered that bridging this gap and […]

6 March

Tablet 101 – How Did We Get Here? (Pt. 1 of 5)

In this first installment we will look at the evolution of the tablet landscape and its push into the world of teaching and learning. Using tablets to teach is nothing new in educational circles, and depending on one’s definition of a tablet, these have been around for thousands of years!  Technologically speaking, these devices started […]

3 March

We Are Go for Launch

I have been busily finishing work on a paper for the 8th Annual Latin American Congress on University Teaching in Rosario, Argentina. This is the mission of the Congress: Founded on the belief that, in their teaching practices, teachers build professional knowledge based on both disciplinary and pedagogical theory and experiential knowledge, “VIII Iberoamerican Congress of University […]

24 May

Faculty Fellows 2013 Comes to a Close

Faculty Fellows 2013 Comes to a Close

It is amazing to think that we have already spent five days together exploring the possibilities of digitally infused teaching, scholarship, and research. I am immensely grateful to have worked with such a thoughtful and dedicated group! The range and depth of ideas explored was exciting and I look forward to seeing how each project […]